Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Harry Potter Apocalypse

Going out in a blaze of glory as a result of the forces of good wizards battling the bad wizards has got to be one of the coolest ways the world could ever end.  For those of you who read; however, you know that's not the case, at least as it is in the Harry Potter series.  

What's even more fascinating are the numbers of people, mostly evangelical christians who believe that the Potter franchise is nothing but a veiled plot by Satanist to take over the minds of the youth and herald in the end of the world.  

This post is not really a post so much about Harry Potter as it is the first post of many about a group of people, who like the 2012 people, some of whom fall in both categories, love the Book of Revelations and "Paradise Lost" by John Milton.  

Milton and J.K. Rowling would probably get along pretty well together.  Both wrote extremely captivating and imaginative stories whose meanings have been skewed by religious zealots lacking in creativity and analytical skills.  What's truly sad though, for Milton, is that his story of Satan has now become almost synonymous with religious scripture.  What was originally supposed to be a story about what happens when God is defied soon turned into the modern version of what probably went on.  It's like going to a crime scene and taking eye-witness testimony of someone strung out on acid and accepting that testimony for what really went down.  

The bible unfortunately lacks many details about Satan, Hell, and battles between Angels and who said what to whom.  Well, Milton decided to fill in those gaps and thus has fired the imaginations of people everywhere.  

I seem to have wondered off topic pretty damn well.  We went from Harry Potter, the apocalypse, the bible, evangelicals, and John Milton.  Pretty nice tirade for a twenty minutes worth of work.  

Anyways, I'll try to reign in the commentary on stuff that is less related to impending doom.  The Potter haters are a fascinating bunch though.  Best of luck to them and all that dogma stuff. 

thanks be to the end!

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